About Us

We are a team of technical people with decades of experience in holography, laser & optics, chemistry and engineering. Our team made their first deep groove & diamond-turned UV cast structures on the thin films in 2004. Our team has successfully installed these casting lines in India, South Korea, USA & Mexico. 

Our vision is to continuously improve Chemistry, machines, tooling and related technologies for the worldwide converters to enhance their product capabilities, reduce response time and cost. Our key focus is to replicate high aspect ratio nano structures and seamless embossing technology.

Our business is to develop & sell technology, tooling, machines and chemicals. We do not manufacture finished products.


The Authentication Times, December 2020 issue, published by ASPA global covered our company on page 15

Our Sales Director, Guri, presenting the paper at The Holography Conference on December 9, 2020. The paper was about the advantages of UV recombination and UV embossing.

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