Prepress Systems

  UV recombination technology

  Nano/ Micro Structure from 50 nm to 150 microns 
  Deep groove - 3D/Fresnel lens, optical, engrave & diffraction structure 
  600 mm to 2000 mm wide
  Cylinder redesign cost is less than £100 
  Seamless cylinder 
  Process of multiple machines 
  High consistency

  Technology transfer

Wide web UV Casting machine - Holographic & Deep Structures

  Compatible with Nickel master, Polymer master and Seamless cylinder

  Nano/ Micro Structure from 50 nm to 8 microns 

  Higher profile structures (over 8 microns) machine can be designed
  Deep groove - 3D/Fresnel lens, optical, engrave & diffraction structure
  Long run of cylinder 50000 to 100000 Linear metre
  Sizes 1000 mm, 1300 mm & 1600 mm wide 
  Embossing on paper/BOPP/PET/Nylon film
  Replaces expensive cast & cure film/process  
  Standard speed between 100-150 m/min depending on structures 
  Higher speeds possible and can be customised



  Diamond turned tools 

  Size 3 mm to 500 mm 

  Structure depth 2 microns onwards 

  Fast turn around




Machines for Plastic free Optical Pigments (VMP)



  Complete project to convert embossed PET to VMP 

  Flake size from 20 microns onwards 

  Density 1.05 grams/cm3 

  95 % acrylic copolymer, 5 % Aluminium 

Optical Pigment.jpg

Registered Micro Embossing Machine 

  Multiple pattern embossing 

  Speed 0-100 m/min 

  Web width maximum 1250 mm  

  Offline registered with printing 

  Films (PET/BOPP/CPP/Laminate 12-150 microns)

  Paper/Laminate 30 to 150 GSM


Registered UV Coating

  Shaftless rewind & unwind

  Speed 0-200 m/min 

  Web width maximum 1200 mm  

  Optional Registered Holography attachment 

  Films (PET/BOPP/CPP/Laminate 12-150 microns)

  Paper/Laminate 40 to 200 GSM



Registered Demetallization

  Shaftless rewind & unwind

  Speed 0-150 m/min 

  Web width maximum 1200 mm  

  Coating station 1, Washing station 1

  Nipping station 7

  Drying chamber > 9 meters


Chemicals for Prepress/UV casting

  Prepress ready premix  

  Embossing premix - Transfer foil 

  Embossing premix - Lamination 

  High performance chemistry 

  Environment friendly 

  Long shelf life

uv technology